Kristine Next Door Tech Services

General Computer Help

In the 15 or so years I have been working with computers, I have self-taught myself many things.  In the last 5+ years I have spent a lot of time teaching my Mom how to navigate around.  I’ve taught her menus on wordprocessors, how to put photos onto the computer and how to upload them to Walgreens to be printed, how to setup an email and check it regularly, how to surf the internet, how to save files in folders and then access them later, how to use a printer and manipulate the settings to get the printout to actually look like what she needs, how to clear her temporary internet files in Internet Explorer to keep it running smoothly, and more that I’m sure I’ve forgotten I even taught her. Most recently I helped her start using a kindle.  Because her kindle doesn’t have wi-fi (or some similar problem) I have to manually download the books to the device.  After doing this the first time I realized there was absolutely no way my Mom was ever going to do that for herself.   Therefore, I taught her how to look up and reserve books through our local library and when one becomes available, she calls me and I get it put onto the device for her.  I can do the same for you.

I’m very patient.  I worked on her for 3 years convincing her to upgrade from dial-up to DSL.  I’ve gone over the same items and tasks multiple times with her to help get it solidified in her memory.

I’m available to do the same for you.  I can help your mom set up an email account or join facebook or twitter.  I can help grandma set up her printer or get onto facebook to see pics of her grandkids.  I can help your aunt fix her twitter to show her the people she wants and get rid of the ones she doesn’t.  I can help your uncle sort his NewsFeed in Facebook to get rid of the annoying games that all of us are playing and only see the people and information he actually wants to see.

I will come to you, since it is always easier to learn something on your own computer and in your own home.  I look forward to meeting with you and to helping your friends, family and loved ones learn how to use and navigate these websites on their own.

Services for Direct Sellers

In many ways what I am offering Direct Sellers is the same as what I am offering any other company.  However, as a direct seller myself, I have a unique position and understanding of how to utilize social media for our business.

I look forward to doing individual and team trainings on setting up your own personal Facebook fanpage.  I have developed handouts for you to take home and I am working on expanding my training options into multiple sessions to avoid overwhelming you all at once.

I can offer basic Facebook Fanpage Training for individuals or groups.  I will walk you through how to find a page, how to choose a name, putting up a profile picture, filling in your Info and posting on your Wall for the first time or two.   Typically this takes about an hour and a half, depending upon the group size.

I will also be offering Advanced Facebook Fanpage Trainings for those who want to take their pages a step beyond typical.  We will work on Landing Tabs, Unique Tabs for Free Samples and the like.  This training will take a minimum of an hour and a half, depending upon the group size.

I can also offer training on Twitter, setting it up, finding followers, following others and using it.  This training takes about an hour, depending upon the group size.

My goal in Social Media is to expand your influence and exposure.  To create more customers, more interest, and ultimately, more income.  Click here for more information.