In 2011 I lost my father unexpectedly quickly within a couple of weeks of a cancer diagnosis.  Due to the rarity and aggressiveness of his cancer, I ultimately decided to try getting involved with an organization that would help people who didn’t have the “big” cancers that have a ton of backing and fundraising etc.  I also wanted to be involved in an organization that did not spend 80 or 30 or even 15% of it’s budget on marketing or overhead.  I found just such a group here in my hometown.  The Rock County Cancer Coalition is an amazing group of local volunteers seeking to help local residents dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

One of the first things I found out about this organization is that they do a major craft fair every year as one of their major fundraisers.  With that in mind I had my mom teach me to crochet.  I have made a number of projects just for the purpose of crocheting.  But, I hope, ultimately to sell items and use the money to benefit the RCCC.

That is where my Kraftiness began.  However, I can’t be constrained to one thing.  About the time I got really involved in RCCC, I also got really hooked on Pinterest.  Also at that same time I decided to redecorate my living room.  Redecorate is a word I use loosely, as there was minimal true “style” that didn’t come directly from my college years.  Regardless, I embarked on a number of different projects, mostly pulled from Pinterest, to create a living space I would be proud of.  This particular blog expands my projects and processes and patterns, click here to check it out.  If you have requests, would like to commission something, or would like to purchase something I’ve made but am not using for my personal enjoyment, email me and we’ll see what we can work out.