Who am I

As you can probably tell by the number of pages here at the top and the wide array of topics, I am a woman of widely varied interests.

I started into direct sales just out of college and worked with one company for about 3 years.  I quit that company and took a break for a couple of years and returned to direct sales with L’BRI Pure ‘n Natural Skincare in 2008.

As I journeyed with L’BRI for a couple of years I found that I was also a fairly talented writer.  I began to pursue that in a focused and intentional way in 2010. (more)

Through 2010 and up to the present I have been very active on Social Networking sites and spent a lot  of time helping my mom with “basic” computer problems.  As I learned about the “rules” of Social Networking and saw local businesses and friends regularly violate and break those rules I began to develop an interest in training and maintaining those sites. (more)

In 2007 I entered the world of Property and Casualty Insurance as a receptionist.  After I got licensed and really began to dig into insurance policies and coverage options I found that I actually became an Insurance Geek.  I love insurance!  Well … not as much as I love writing or chocolate flavored coffee on a lazy Saturday morning, but it does make the list of loves.  I enjoy explaining to people what they are buying in a policy as well as educating them about why they need or should consider whatever coverage I am including in the quote.  I even enjoy chatting with friends about whether or not they are properly covered and whether or not I can possibly save them money by moving their coverage.  I can’t guarantee 15% or more, but I can sure give it my best shot. (more)

Last year I asked my Mom to teach me to crochet.  I wanted to be able to do something tangible to help a local non-profit organization I’d heard about.  Between that desire and Pinterest, I’ve got way more ideas than I have time, yarn, or funds.  But, one of the dreams birthed from that was a way to make side income through an Etsy store.  The store doesn’t exist yet, but I hope to get one going sometime this year.  It will have two sides in the same store.  One side will be mostly personal side income and will feature crochet hats, shawls, scarves, whatever that feature direct sales company colors.  i.e. mossy green and purple for Scentsy, focusing on selling to consultants who want to “advertise” their business beyond the typical routes.

Last year I began volunteering with a local non-profit which raises funds to help local people with regular life expenses as they deal with a cancer diagnosis.  We have had a number of events and I have a plethora of ideas for ways to try raising more money.  One of those ideas is my kraftiness. (more)  There is nothing official yet, but the second side of the Etsy store I mentioned above is regular variety scarves, hats, shawls, lapghans, and baby items with all proceeds going to this organization.  Maybe even getting some friends alongside me making fun things to sell as well.

I maintain a very active social life with a wide circle of friends.  And I have aspirations to do stand-up comedy at some point.  To say I am usually a very busy girl would probably be an understatement.